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Finding ants in and around your Azle, TX home can be unpleasant, and the ants you see are only a fraction of the entire colony. While store-bought insecticides may eliminate some ants, they can often exacerbate the problem. At Westbrook Pest Control, we have the expertise to eradicate ants and prevent them from returning!

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Our Unique Approach To Ant Control & Removal Service

Ants can easily make their way inside your home through tiny openings as they search for food and water. Once they find a source, they leave a trail of pheromones for their fellow ants to follow, resulting in an infestation. At Westbrook Pest Control, we understand this behavior and have developed a unique approach to put a stop to it. Discover more about our effective ant control solutions below.


Our first step is to have a conversation with you about any signs of ant activity that you have observed in and around your home. Inside your home, we carefully examine areas such as sinks, cabinets, bathtubs, showers, and carpets. Similarly, we also check outside in and around areas like mulch and stones. This thorough examination is crucial in identifying the ant species and developing an effective treatment plan.


To tackle the ant problem inside your home, we carefully select professional baits that are tailored to the specific ant species. Our technicians will strategically place these baits in areas with the highest activity to ensure the ants feed on them and carry the bait back to the queen. This method eliminates the entire colony and prevents the ants from returning.


We have a couple of options for treating exterior ants depending on their location and behavior. For ant trails that lead away from the colony, we may use ant bait. For colonies themselves, we may use a liquid treatment designed specifically for ants.

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We take great pride in assisting individuals like yourself in eliminating pest problems. This is why we are thrilled to be the sole pest control company in Azle, TX committed to delivering a Safe, Effective, and Timely service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ants infiltrate homes in search of food and water. Therefore, leaving dirty dishes in the sink, food residue on your countertops, or crumbs on the floor can serve as an open invitation for ants to come and seek food inside your home. This becomes a significant issue when the ants establish their nests inside your walls, on your lawn, or around your home’s foundation.

Ant infestations can be a major issue, especially when it comes to food contamination. As ants move around, they can spread bacteria on their bodies, contaminating surfaces like countertops and sinks. While only a few ant species carry insect-borne diseases, discovering any ants in your home can be an unwelcome surprise.

To effectively tackle your ant problem, the first step is a thorough inspection. This enables us to create a tailored program that suits your specific needs. Contact us at 817-900-6965 to schedule an ant inspection, and our team of experts, who are well-versed in getting rid of ant colonies, will work to ensure that these pests remain outside your home or business.


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