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Fleas not only bother cats and dogs but also cause skin irritation, allergies, and diseases like typhus and tularemia in humans. To protect your family and pets, we suggest putting your pets on flea and tick prevention and contacting the experts at Westbrook Pest Control to treat your property. This approach will help safeguard against fleas, particularly during the warmer months when flea populations tend to spike.

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Our Unique Approach To Flea Control & Removal Service

Starting a flea control program in the Spring before adult fleas emerge is ideal, but if you’re already dealing with a severe infestation, it’s necessary to address fleas at all stages of their life cycle. Our team at Westbrook Pest Control is well-equipped to not only eliminate adult fleas but also prevent the breeding of future generations, ensuring long-term protection for you and your pets.


Before proceeding with our flea treatment, we will inspect your entire property to assess the severity of the infestation. Once we confirm that you are dealing with fleas, we will perform our treatment. Typically, two or three services are required to completely eliminate this pesky pest.


We will conduct a thorough inspection of your entire property to determine the severity of the flea infestation. If necessary, we will proceed with our flea treatment plan, which involves the careful application of liquid residual and insect growth regulators (IGR) on all floor surfaces, with particular attention given to areas where your pets spend time. This approach not only kills fleas on contact but also disrupts the breeding cycle, providing long-lasting protection for 4-6 months.


We offer two options for flea treatment depending on your desired timeframe for results. For a quicker but shorter-term solution, we apply a combination of liquid residual and insect growth regulator (IGR) to the areas where your pets spend time or where there is flea activity. This approach kills fleas on contact and interrupts their breeding cycle, with effects lasting for a few months. Alternatively, for a longer-term but slower solution, we use a granulated insecticide to eliminate adult fleas in your yard.

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We take great pride in assisting individuals like yourself in eliminating pest problems. This is why we are thrilled to be the sole pest control company in Azle, TX committed to delivering a Safe, Effective, and Timely service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleas often originate from your pets, latching onto them while they are outdoors and then taking up residence in their fur and bedding indoors. To effectively combat a flea infestation, it is necessary to treat both the inside of your home and your yard. Fortunately, Westbrook Pest Control is here to help. If you are facing a flea problem or would like to take preventative measures against these pesky pests, please contact us at 817-900-6965 today.

Flea bites often cause swollen and itchy marks on humans, and pets tend to scratch excessively when bitten. However, the bigger concern is that fleas, like mosquitoes and ticks, can transmit diseases to both humans and animals. The CDC reports that illnesses caused by flea bites tripled from 2004 to 2016. If you’re facing a flea infestation, it’s essential to act quickly. Contact us at 817-900-6965 to eliminate fleas from your home and protect your family and pets.

To effectively control fleas in your home, it’s important to begin by treating your pets. You can discuss various treatment options with your veterinarian. Once that’s taken care of, contact us at 817-900-6965 to schedule your flea treatment. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and apply a combination of insecticide and insect growth regulator to eliminate adult fleas and prevent the breeding of future generations.

To safeguard your pets and home from fleas, it’s essential to supplement your flea and tick prevention with additional flea treatments during the warmer months in Azle, TX. These bloodsucking pests love warm-blooded animals and can consume 15 times their body weight in blood, causing anemia and significant blood loss. To create an extra line of defense against fleas, please call 817-900-6965 to schedule your flea treatment with us.

Once we’ve treated your yard for fleas, it’s important to wait until the product is completely dry before heading outside. The drying time can vary depending on factors such as the outdoor temperature and humidity. We advise waiting at least one hour before re-entering the treated area. After this period has passed, it is safe for you and your family to enjoy your deck, pool, and yard once again!

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