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The House Mouse, Norway Rat, and Roof Rat are the most prevalent rodents that can be very challenging to eliminate due to their adaptability. These rodents can cause various problems such as spreading diseases, contaminating food, and damaging property. Moreover, they reproduce quickly, making the situation even more challenging to deal with. Fortunately, the experienced team at Westbrook Pest Control can assist you with rodent control. We are the most reliable experts in Azle, TX with a proven track record.

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Our Unique Approach To Rodent Trapping & Removal Service

The House Mouse, Norway Rat, and Roof Rat are highly adaptable rodents that can pose a significant challenge to eliminate. These pests are notorious for spreading diseases, contaminating food, and causing property damage, not to mention their fast reproductive rates. Thankfully, the experts at Westbrook Pest Control are here to help. With years of experience in rodent control, we’re the most dependable professionals in Azle, TX with a proven track record of success.


To begin, we will conduct a comprehensive examination of the interior and exterior of your home. This assessment will help us to determine the species present, areas of activity, possible entry points, and factors that may be attracting pests. By completing this step, we will improve the effectiveness of our baiting, trapping, and sealing techniques, increasing the likelihood of successfully resolving the issue.


Following the inspection of your premises, we will furnish you with comprehensive sanitation guidelines and recommendations. This checklist will aid in preventing future rodent infestations by illustrating how to eliminate factors that attract pests and uphold a hygienic living environment.


Our program employs a dual approach of baiting and trapping to achieve the optimal success rate. In the case of a significant rodent population, we will begin with premium-grade bait to control the numbers and impede rapid growth. Following this, we will install traps in and around the zones where rodent activity is observed.


Once the baits have been placed and the traps have been set, we will revisit your property after a week to assess the efficacy of the rodent control program and make any necessary modifications.


Once we have effectively eliminated the existing rodent problem, we will implement measures to deter future infestations. The entire process, typically taking 5 to 7 days, involves employing door sweeps, caulking, and other products to seal any openings or gaps. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that your property remains entirely free of rodents.

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We take great pride in assisting individuals like yourself in eliminating pest problems. This is why we are thrilled to be the sole pest control company in Azle, TX committed to delivering a Safe, Effective, and Timely service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Identifying the precise rodent species that infest your premises is crucial to effectively eliminating them. Using inappropriate traps, such as mouse traps for rats or rat traps for mice, will not yield desired results since the trapping mechanism may not be suitable for the respective species. Moreover, distinct species exhibit diverse behavioral patterns. Our experienced technicians possess the necessary expertise to locate and identify the species accurately. This understanding of species-specific characteristics is instrumental in achieving the highest success rate in our rodent program, setting us apart from competitors.

Numerous homeowners resort to DIY or OTC remedies to tackle rodent problems. However, this approach may not always be effective and may even exacerbate the issue by scattering rodents throughout the property. Additionally, OTC solutions may prove inadequate for larger infestations. At Westbrook Pest Control, our technicians undergo specialized training to accurately diagnose the issue and devise customized solutions. We think innovatively and develop strategies that are practical and effective for your specific situation. If you are experiencing a mouse or rat problem or seek protection against future infestations, do not hesitate to contact us at 817-900-6965.

Certainly! Our rodent control service is conducted by extensively trained technicians who comply with all legal regulations when placing baits and setting traps. We prioritize the safety of your children and pets throughout the entire process, including before, during, and after the rodent control service. To schedule your initial visit or address any inquiries, please contact us at 817-900-6965. We are eager to assist you!

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